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This is where we Miniature Schnauzers romp and play.  On cold winter days, we stay indoors and keep warm by the wood burning stove. 

We love to lay on the back of the couch and look out the big windows.  On sunny days, we have a deck to sun bathe on and our kennel to go potty in. 

Dad's been working very hard at landscaping and Mom stained all the wood.  



            Boy, we sure have life made don't we?                                                        Scout and Ruedee want to play in the pool.



          Fun place to lay and watch the world go by.                                       The girls take a break from the puppies and play in the pool. 




        They all love the glider. Herbie says it's his turn.                                                    95 degrees out today.




             Inside our little green house.                                                        Let's go out and play.



Jilly full grown.                                                           Hattie full grown.




Ruedee playing by herself.                                          Ruedee, Scout, Herbie and Miss Mini peeking under Herbie's paw. 




I love playing keep away.                                                                        Where we sleep a lot of the time.




                      Breakfast for champions.                                                   Mom and Dad let us run and play in the yard too.



      I'll be watching for you.