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Directions: North, East, South or West



Coming from the West: 

You can take I-70 E/B or Rt. 40 to Rt. 56.  Go South through London on Rt. 56 and when you come to a sweeping R/hand curve,

go straight across Rt. 56 to Big Plain Circleville Rd. (Our Road).   

Continue straight and you’ll go through a very small town (Big Plain) and we are approximately 3 miles ahead. 

You’ll go over a small bridge and our house is on the right, at the intersection of Opossum Run Rd. 

A lot of pine trees cover the front of our house.

11225 Big Plain Circleville Rd.

Cathy Talik

614 877-9808


Directions coming from the East:

As you’re coming toward Columbus you’ll see Rt. 256 and Brice Rd. (Get yourself into the R/hand lane) 

This will line you up with I-270 S/B toward Cincinnati-Grove City. 

As you come to Grove City, you want to exit on I-71 S/B.  Go past Grove City to the next Rt. 665 (London-Groveport Rd.)  

Get off and go Right (West).  (You’re only 10 miles from our driveway!)

Go West through one traffic light to a stop sign. 

Turn Left at stop sign and go straight down hill and across bridge in front of you.  (Don’t turn right at bottom of hill.) 

On the other side of the bridge is Opossum Run Rd.  Turn right onto Opossum Run Rd. 

Follow Opossum Run Rd. to the end (4 miles long).  When you come to a stop sign, you’ll be facing our house through the trees. 

Turn right and a quick left into the driveway. 

Cathy and Mike Talik

11225 Big Plain Circleville Rd.

London, Ohio 43140 

614 877-9808


 Coming from the North:

As you come to downtown Columbus, get into the Cincinnati/South lane and as you go over the river,

veer Left and go past Grove City exit.
1st exit past Grove City is Rt. 665/Groveport-London Rd.  Get off and turn Right.  (you’re 10 miles from our home)
Go on Rt 665 to stop sign in Darbydale.
Turn Left, go down hill and straight
across bridge at Trapper John's
Canoe Livery.
Just across bridge is O'Possum Run Rd.  (Almost there) Turn Right
and continue to end of road.  When you come to stop sign you'll be looking at our house.
Turn right and then left into our drive.

Or This way will take you around downtown Columbus:

Take 71 S/B to 270 (just North of Columbus)
Take 270-West (turn Right) and keep going.
You'll see 270/Grove City.  You'll be going South again.
Go past West Broad St. exit to next exit, Georgesville Rd.
Right on Georgesville Rd. to 3rd traffic light (Norton Rd.) (You’re 10 miles from our home)
Left on Norton Rd. (Thorton Gas -Best Price) to end (Stop Sign)
Go straight down hill and straight across bridge (Trapper John's Canoe Livery) to O'Possum Run Rd.
Turn Right (Almost there-4 miles) and go to stop sign.  You're looking at our house.
Turn Right and Left into our driveway.

Cathy Talik 614 877-9808
11225 Big Plain Circleville Rd.
London, Ohio 43140

Coming from the South:

Take 71 north bound to Rt. 56
(Just past Rt. 38)
(Left) over 71 on Rt. 56
Go to Robison Rd. and turn (Right)
Go to Georgesville -Kiousville Rd.
Turn (Left)  to Big Plain Circleville Rd.
Turn (Right) Aprox 1-1/2 miles over the small bridge at the intersection of Big Plain Circleville & Opossum Run Rd.

Cathy and Mike Talik
Two story white stucco house with detached green garage to the right–a lot of pine trees across the front of our home.
(11225 Big Plain Circleville Rd).

614 877-9808

Intersection of Opossum Run Rd and Big Plain Circleville Rd.                            Green barn to the right of our driveway.