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           Gracie in a baby carrier sitting on a baby bump!.             Holly was the runt of Maggie and Mickey's litter.


Thought it was past time to send you an update about Runa.

I can’t believe how fast time passes. She’s 9 months old now.

We brought her home the day after Christmas. As I write this she is literally

chewing on the cat’s head (who for some unknown reason remains very tolerant

of her rough and tumble play). We have had so much fun with this new baby in

the house. 2.2 lbs when we brought her home, she is now hovering around 14 lbs.

When she was “little,”  Runa was very independent. She liked her space when she

went to sleep, or even when she was just laying down. As she has grown, it has been

a delightfully surprising to find that she has become a very affectionate cuddler. She thinks

she runs the house (which I won’t argue with), and leads the pack of animals in the house

(14 yo mini schnauzer, Kimo,  and 3 yo cat, Hemi, as well as my daughter’s cat who intermittently

stays with us. One of the joys with Runa is traveling. Since she’s been a young puppy we have taken

her with us on the road. She absolutely loves road trips.  We’ve taken her on a number of road trips to

 MI, WV and GA. Several weeks ago Runa was my carry-on when I flew to Phoenix. She was a rockstar!

I thought the return road trip to OH from AZ might be a challenge, but she happily jumped in the car every day.

 Every morning she is ready to go with us when we leave for work.  As you can tell, we totally love Runa, as does

 the rest of the family. Thank you so much for breeding such wonderful dogs! V PS: The photo was taken last week

at Boulder Creek in Boulder, CO. As evidenced by the lack of a leash and good “stay,” obedience training is going pretty well. J


Hi Cathy, I have been meaning to write to you. Molly is the sweetest little girl. She
was at the vets last week and weighs 4 lbs. She has had 2 sets of shots so far and goes

back next week for her 3rd. We will schedule her spaying when she is 5-6 months.  Potty

training is going very well. She has gone to the door a few times to be taken out. She will

go up our steps but will not go down them.  I gave her a haircut about 2 weeks ago and she

 did very good except for the hair in the ears. She hated that and cried. We will try that again

at another time. She gets along great with the other girls and they have accepted her as part of the pack.

She is just a little wild for them at times. Those teeth of hers are always biting. I hope all is well with you.

Did Jilly Bean have her babies yet? Just wondering.  I will keep in touch, Judy         


miniature schnauzer

Cathy, Just wanted to share a couple pictures of our beautiful Tilly.  She is now 3 pounds and 7 ounces

and a bundle of energy.  She is doing pretty well potty training.  She sits on command, shakes, and is working

on sitting up.  She comes nearly every time we call her.  She has become a very important member of our family

and we love her very much.  Thanks for our baby.  G and  T


Hi Cathy,  Today is my  2nd birthday!  I am hoping to play all day long with my dollies

and toss rope and to take long naps cuddled up with my family. I have never torn anything

up but I do love my bones and can chew on them for a long time.  Whenever I see anyone

 (dogs not included) I know they are just thrilled to meet me.  However, other dogs are just dogs

  and I just ignore them.   My family adores me and tells me I am the cutest puppy ever. But then they

 were on that stupid computer and looked at your website and I could not believe my ears.  They said that

 all your dogs are the cutest ever.  The audacity of this could ruin my day.  After hearing this I pouted for some

 time but then decided not to let it bother me and I nudged my my mom's foot with y dolly and said " lets play!"

  Thank you for giving me such a good start in life. Knock on a bone - I am very healthy.  I hope you are doing well.   - Love, Vanessa

Hi Cathy!  I have been meaning to send you some pics of our little guy (we named him Bowzer). We purchased this pup
from you in July of last year. Also wanted to let you know how much we absolutely love him and that he is really a good dog.
He is sleeping in my lap at this moment. We love this dog so much and he really is more fun than any other dog we have had.
He became good friends over the holidays with a friend's English mastiff (140 lbs!) and it was funny to see such different dogs playing!

Thanks again for selling us our best friend! Nancy


The East Coast is in the middle of an unusual December blizzard! We here in Maryland are supposed to get 20" of snow or more!  

Thank goodness it is Saturday and traffic is not too heavily impacted! Anyway, I thought I would send you three pictures of Maedchen

(pronounced Maychin), our Georgie Girl/Tux off-spring who is growing beautifully and happily.  We love her and so do our grand daughters! 

Maedchen just loves the snow! She runs back and forth and burrows her head in it, shakes it off and does it all over again! We had her to our

groomers on 12/13 who fell in love with her, too.  She behaved very well and wasn't afraid of the clippers.Well, enjoy these pictures!

Thanks again,Meredith and Jimmie


Hello Kathy: I know it is probably hard to remember all of your customers, but this customer will never forget Cathy,

because of all of the joy that Brackett brings into our lives every day.  He is my buddy and even though, technically,

he is our daughter Natalie’s dog, it has been decided that he is going to stay with “Grandpa” when she goes off to

college next year. He is the icon of a typical schnauzer (self willed, protective and always wanting to play ball). I get

the biggest kick out of him. I think that mini schnauzers are the best dog’s on earth and when I compare Brackett to

 other schnauzers we see around you can tell he is well bred.  Just thought I would keep you up to date. Hope things

 are going well in the schnauzer business. Nancy and I have actually talked about breeding them in our retirement. Thanks

for helping to preserve the quality of the breed.  Since you are a professional breeder you may be interested to  know that

our oldest daughter is in a Veterinary Ophthalmology residency at the Univ. of GA. As a part of the program she did a research

 project and successfully reproduced live cornea cells. This has never been done before in the history of medicine and she is now

 internationally published and got to present her research at the International Ophthalmology Conference in Copenhagen this past year.

 This will now allow new medicines to be tested on live reproduced cells instead of live animals. She definitely gets her brains from her Mom,

 HA! Hope you have a nice holiday season. Linc

Hi Cathy, Merry Christmas!  Just wanted to give you an update on Buffett

and to thank you again for breeding wonderful miniature schnauzer puppies!

He is 10 1/2 lbs now, very playful, and very loving. He was easy to house train...

seemed to get it right away, and even readily goes up the stairs when its "bedtime."

Attached is a picture we just took with him on his favorite "perch", the top of the loveseat.

We did give up on trying to keep him away from the Christmas trees...he is just a puppy after all,

and not perfect! So as you can see, the trees are in a cage rather then the dog!

Take care and have a wonderful Christmas with you family...Steve and Janet Jones & Buffett

Sparky has learned several words he knows mommy and daddy, he is so smart, but he doesn't like the word no, but he does obey!!

 I bought a 20 foot leash, a wind up one with a handle that pays out and he walks or runs, but he doesn't like the cold weather.

He loves a tennis ball when I throw it and he goes like a flash and brings it back to me and drops it at my feet to throw it again. 

He has several toys, his favorite is a battery powered dog that laughs and rolls all over...he grabs it and shakes it!!! 

When I pick him up and hold him and turn him over, I rub his belly he loves it!!


                  Ebby on Mother's Day.


            Molly on Daddy's lap.                                                    Molly grown up

Hi Cathy;
This is Pat & Jennifer from Marathon Florida, in the Keys.  We got Mollie from you back in March of 2007. 

Am attaching a few pictures of the Baby and she is so precious!  The last 2 years we have lost 2 of our 4 babies -

Lilly- Mini Dachshund -13 years old- liver Cancer Louie- Cesky - 14 years old- old age-- just this last Wednesday

 We looked at your Website and we are not ready to take the female you currently have available around X-Mass.

We would like another Molly if we could get one, runt of the litter, great personality and extremely SMART!!!

Hope all is well with you guys and nothing changed here except we are all getting older. Sincerely;Pat & Jennie


Gracie helping with the laundry.                                                           Gracie's first snow.



Dear Cathy.......just a quick note to tell you that I had my first encounter with a Ground Hog.  Mom is very very

upset with me, but I held my own.  He, she or whatever "it" was, came in to my property....mind you MY PROPERTY!

 and sat on MY patio.  The worst thing was that it sat next to MY dad.  Dad called mom and by the time mom came outside,

 we were at it.  I held my own, but the ground hound had his fangs out.  Dad was yelling, mom was yelling and the groundhog

was in a ball rolled up and then sprung to his feet and I chased him out of MY yard and he took off for the wood line.  Imagine

that.....just to come in my yard and plop without even asking? Now mom is worried that he she or it, will come back and so I have

to be watched 24-7 while I am in the back.  Mom was upset as she has NEVER seen that side of me and yet dad has told her over

 and over that I am a "ratter" and that's what I do!  I mean I can't be cuddly all the time and sit on laps and such. 

I mean I AM A RATTER AFTER ALL !  Anyway, that is the news to report of late! I hope you are feeling better and are back

 in the business of making more "mees".!  Love always, Good Golly Miss Molly...Molly to her friends!  XO



I wanted to touch base with you about Ruby.  Our Ruby is such a sweetheart.  It is the first time we've adopted a baby before. 

It was a wonderful experience raising her.  We are so much in love with that little girl.  She weighs about 12 pounds.  She loves

playing outside in the yard.  She is always the last one in and she usually finds a stick or piece of mulch or even sod.  She won't

come in if we don't let her bring it in.  If we try to take it away from her at the door she takes off.  So we let her bring in her treasure.

  After she is in she willing gives it to us.  She's a little stinker for sure.

Debbie May I always be the kind of person my dogs think I am!

Today is Bailey's first Birthday.  She has grown up to be a wonderful pet.  We couldn't ask for

a better dog.  Thank you for such a good, sweet healthy girl.  Adam


Baxter is developing his own personality. He is very playful and is becoming more loving every day. He’s so cute when he wants to be held.

He’ll come to me and hold his arms up like a child to be picked up. He and Jack are best buddies and playmates. They have their little

disagreements like all “brothers” do, but they work it out and then snuggle together. They are so funny to watch. Baxter is just like a little

brother picking on the older brother. They have learned what they can get away with as far as playing together. They also work as a team

 when trying to outsmart the “parents”. We recently took Jack and Baxter to our kennel for boarding over the weekend. They both had a great time.

I’ve attached a 20 second video that was taken of Baxter and his new friend Kelli playing at “camp.” Baxter is in the blue collar, Kelli in red and Jack

in black. Phillip, one of the employees at the kennel, has a picture of Baxter on his Facebook page. He was one of the kennel employees who helped

introduce Baxter and Jack. He was amazed at how much he has grown and how beautiful he has become. Phillip has such a way with dogs. Both

Jack and Baxter went right to him when I let them out of the car. It really reduces my anxiety to know they are comfortable with the employees at the

 kennel and that they are well cared for. Neither Jack nor Baxter gave me a second look once they saw Phillip and he started talking and playing with them.

I’m sure it helps that he has 7 dogs of his own (6 Chihuahuas and 1 mastiff).  Baxter now weighs 12 pounds. He has started losing his puppy teeth and

recently had his “big boy” haircut. I couldn’t believe the difference it made in his appearance. He went to the groomer looking like a little ball of fur and

came back looking like a real schnauzer. The groomer says he behaved very well. Of course I’d expect nothing less from the star pupil in his puppy

obedience class. (Can you tell I’m a proud mother?) I have enrolled him in intermediate classes starting in January. I’m looking forward to working with

him on his new commands. He’s anxious to obey any command as long as there is a treat involved. Without a treat, it takes a little longer to get him

to obey, but he’s getting there.  We have discussed with our vet having him neutered in late January. Harvey is not looking forward to that

(I guess that’s a guy thing!). I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year.  Brenda


Dear Cathy,

I am writing to let you know how great Winston is doing!  He is almost 12 pounds now

and was neutered a few weeks ago. He loves to go on walks and play with his rawhide chews. 

He also loves rides in the car. he potty trained very quickly too.   I did want to ask you if you 

 have any recommendations on how to get him to stop barking at every person that we pass when

 we are out on our walks.  He does the same with other dogs too.  If he is face to face with another animal,

 he is fine, but if they are across the way, forget it, he barks his head off!  Same with strangers.  If they are near him,

he goes up to them and he is fine.  It just makes him look like a mean dog because he goes crazy.  Thank you! Laura  

Hello Cathy........Miss Molly Mol here.!  Well, without going into a big todo....I'm sending you some pictures of me, so you can see

 how pretty I am.  Right now, Mom is not in a great mood, but I will spare you the details at the moment, of what I have done to annoy

her again. We have to mail  the pictures to you, cause my mom and dad don't have all that fancy shmancy computer stuff to mail over the

internet like you do. We will be mailing you the pictures tomorrow, so be on the lookout for them.  By the way, mom was wondering

if you had any "little girls", not nearly as big as me, coming your way soon.  She was just asking, as right now I am a definite handful for them,

especially since we ALL travel in the Motor Home....Mom, Dad, Me, and Yeowie the cat.  I, of course, loooooove chasing Yeowie. 

He is declawed and that's why I get away with it. I used to be smaller then yeowie, but NO MOOOOORE!  We run through the house

and the MOtor Home playing, until I get a little toooo rough and start body slamming him.  Mom gets really annoyed at me for that! 

So she thinks, maybe in the future, if I calm down, and if I had someone else to play with, I would settle down some and not INSIST

on attention from everyone around me!  This is just a thought though, I need to straighten myself up some before mom would think

seriously about this!  I would love it though cause I just LOVE to play.  I don't care who it is or what it is ( except a squirrel)

I just love to chase those critters till there is nothin left in me!  Anyway, bye for now and let me know what you think of the pictures

and just keep in mind about a "tiny" sister.  Nothing definite, just keep it in mind and maybe, if mom doesn't kill me I'll be able to have

a sister!  Lots of Love and Licks Molly Mol


Cathy, Here are pictures of my beautiful Haley, and a couple of my cats. I never thought I could love a                        

dog as much as Chelsea. As I said before, your dogs are beautiful. I could not be happier.

Have a wonderful Easter....Love, Robin


WOW! What a little handsome, wonderful, smart, priceless little                        
fellow. He is GREAT! No problems at all potty training. Walking on
leash. Is a wonderful cuddler. Personality plus. You would be so
proud of the little guy.




Hi Cathy: 

Greetings from Georgia!! Today, as you may remember is the One Year Birthday for Baylie and the rest of her siblings. 

What an amazing year it has been. We have certainly enjoyed her energy and love.  Today she is recuperating from her

Spay and the challenge is to keep her quiet!! It is not on her agenda it seems so we are working at following the Dr’s orders. 

She will have her party next weekend and invite some of the smaller dogs in the neighborhood.  We did have snow this past

weekend so I have attached several pictures of her outside – in her new coat!!  Take care, Your friend and Sister,


                  Kiah:                                                                                                 Snickers 08


Cathy, Just wanted to send you a photo of one of your puppies.  His name is Bentley

 and he is a delight.  He is a great little boy and he and his big brother Brutus get along great.

  He loves to be held and hugged much different from his brother Brutus.  Rena 



           Jim has allergies but not to Lucy.



 Bailey is such a love!!  She is always in search of a lap ~ when one disappears she looks around for another!! :)                                          

 She loves to play and takes good care of her little horse toys.  The one that neighs had to be put on the shelve as she

 would not stop making it neigh.  She drags them out in the morning and lines them in a perfect line. 

I have never seen anything like it.  She is lots of fun for sure


Hi Cathy,
It's almost that time again----Snickers will soon be two years old!  It doesn't seem possible. 

Again, I just want to tell you how much I have enjoyed Snickers, and every day she just gets better and better!! 

She is so sweet and loving, and, as you can see by this picture, she and Maggie just get along great!  I am so happy

 that I found you as a breeder and I have nothing but the best things to say about you!!!  Thanks so much! Nancy

Twyla's Tobey.  Maggie Mae is Tobey's mommy.

Ollie's bed buddy.                                   Hmmmm.  Which cat should I attack.     (Heidi)

A Kline Christmas.                                                               Schnauzers like to read.

Spencer                                                                Sidney                                       Sidney and Sasha

The vet doesn't seem to be concerned....he went from 2.4 lbs to 5.0 in one month!

I can't believe how BIG he is getting...the sweater I bought for him (x-small) looks

 like a shirt on him now. He is so wonderfully awesome! He sits at the front door and looks out the glass

storm door at the leaves blowing across the front lawn. He wags his tail and kisses all of the doggies he

has come in contact with (just a few of my closest friends). He barks at the geese when they fly overhead.

I started walking him during the warmest time of the day. He's gotten alot of compliments about his "Gordy"

sweater you knitted. He loves to walk!!!  He doesn't potty in the house anymore...he goes to the door in the

 kitchen leading to the garage when he has to go potty....I put the pee pee pads out there and I take him out my

 front door when he is on a leash. He's a quick learner!!  He has found his favorite spot to take a nap, at least

for right now. Under my ottoman in the living room.....he won't fit under there much longer!! He is trying steps now....

yesterday he voluntarily went up 2 steps on his own, but hasn't figured out how to come back down...we're working on it.

Do you think it would hurt if I took him to the groomer at this age? I just want to get the hair out of his eyes.

I've been trying to train the hair to go on each side of his nose but it's not working. I don't want the rest of him groomed...

it's cold!!  One more thing and I'll leave you alone.....what age would you recommend I get him fixed? The agreement says 5-9 months......


Thanks for taking the time to give me your opinion. He's the most loving, socialized puppy I've ever had.  Edna


Nap time for Zoe and Karlie!                                 Molly                        Snickers is ready for cold weather.

S/P Zoe                                                                       Home to New York


Wanted you to see our little girl and how much                                     

she has grown up..... She is such a sweetie.... 

she sure has her mommy Maggie's gentle nature!

Regards, Laura


Hello.  Pepsi and Parker are doing good.  They were just neutered last week,

so if they stay healthy, they are done with the vet for a year.  They have been

busy camping this summer, have probably went 8 - 10 times already and have

 more vacations planned.  They are over 10 lbs. now.  Parker (salt & pepper)

weighs about 1/2 lb. more then Pepsi (black).  One of the pictures shows them in

 a bike trailer which they just love riding in at the campgrounds. 

Thanks for these wonderful companions.  We love them with all our hearts!!!!!!

Bill and Marlene


These little faces say it all.                                               Vega and her big brother Windsor.


I think it was in July a year ago when my wife Nancy, my daughter Natalie and I drove from Columbus, IN and

bought Brackett (his new name) from you. Attached are then & now pics. We just wanted to let you know what

a great dog he is and how much we love him. He has been a great addition to our family and

a good companion for our female, who started out being a little annoyed by him, but now they are great buddies.

Holly is half the size of Baxter.......but Holly is the boss.

I'm going to email you some pictures of my kids.  We bought a jeep wrangler for Todd to drive,

and the dogs dearly love it they ride in the back. We take them a little spin in it with the top off,

and they like to check dogs out while they are riding they love barking at them. Baxter has a lot

of doggie friends in the neighborhood, actually he has a lot of people friends also. He is such the little visitor.

When we take them for a walk Bax goes up to people's porches if they are out just to visit and get loved on.

Holly such the little shy one she usually stands behind me. She is getting a little better.  The other day she

went up to some little kids and let them pet her. It is cute the little kids say Baxter is the friendly one and

Holly is the shy one. I am very proud of my little ones they walk so well without a leash and if I see a dog

I don't know I will stop them and they stay right with me. I wish I could get another baby one, but too expensive

 at the vet to keep them healthy. I LOVE MY KIDS, GLORIA

Nap time for Carlee.                                  Carlee waits patiently for her toy.


Hi Cathy!
You must be quite busy from what I see on your site. A lot of adorable little "fuzzy faces"!

Maggie Mae's little Sasha's markings are so beautiful now and Miss Minnie's Sidney is just plain "adorable"!

Both have loving dispositions and love to play a lot with our grandchildren and us. What joy they have brought

into this ole woman's heart!      Michelle

Schnauzers are kid friendly.                              Schnauzers are good therapy.

Hi Cathy......Wanted to send you some pictures, and give you most recent progress report.....From May 1 pictures to May 28......Cooper

went from 1lb 4 4lb 1oz.....Jazzi went from 1lb 10 4lb 3oz......and they are not fat ! ! ! They are VERY smart and "treat training"

 works very well.... Already some nights they go all night without an accident.....My veterinarian says they are very 2nd booster

and microchips....  Cooper is "so easy" and Jazzi is a "Fireball".....We love them very much ! ! ! ! !   Picture of both pups in front of flower print

was 1st visit to vet....3 pictures on wicker chair were visit on 28th....I will try to send fewer pictures the next time.... Hope you and Mike are having

a good spring......                Take Care.....Linda 

I wanted to drop you another note to let you know how perfect Jackson is and how much we love him.

 He went for his final round of shots and he was neutered/ micro chipped last week. I am not sure he even

 knows he had surgery!  He is getting tall and big. He weighs 10.8 pounds and I told him he is not allowed

to grow another pound! He has a mind of his own but is also very sweet. He has been around a ton of people

all summer so he is very socialized. And of course everyone thinks he is the cutest thing ever. AND he loves to

be groomed. He has gone three times since I brought him home and his groomer still can't believe how good he

 is for a puppy. Just prances right in the door. I enclosed a photo with his big brother, Otter. Otter weight 100

pounds and is in love with Jackson. They play so great and having a puppy in the house has breathed new life into Otter.

They lay like this ALL the time.  Thank you again for raising such a wonderful puppy. Danielle


Man's best friend.....needs a hair cut.                        Laurie's Lizzie after grooming.              



Baby it's cold outside!   (Mike's Gracie)         Can you say,.......... Go Bucks?         Gretchen is very sweet


Sisters                                                                        Mattie and her siblings.


                        Pistol's nap time.                                                                              Amy's little Ollie.


Ollie and Ben                                                                              Ollie


Salt/Pepper girl named Sidney.                    Sasha and Sidney are sisters now.


Who else.............but Ollie!                  Ben and Ollie meet.                            Nosey butt.


Barney is doing just fine, and we enjoy every day with him. He tends to get carsick.

We are working on that, and hopefully he will grow out of it. Otherwise he is everything we hoped for.

He still likes to ride on the ATV. We take him for a ride in the woods every evening. Yes, he is spoiled.

I know responsible breeding is hard work. It pays off though in quality and the appreciation of your customers.

Good luck in finding good homes for these babies.

Barney's Mom and Dad

I just thought you might like some pictures. We live in Indiana. Butler is very smart. He can roll over, sit, stay up to 5 mins,

 lay down, fetch, catch, spin, shake (right and left), loves the water and boating. He is going to D.R. for a month with us.

He weights 12.5 lbs. The vet says he is one of the nicest quality dog he has seen. He has no health issues. He does not bark much.

We have told many of people where we got him. He gets 1/3 cup of dog food twice a day and 1 vitamin and 1 fish oil capsule (he loves it). 

We think we made a great choice of breeder. Thank you!  Jeff and Rae,

Just wanted to let you know Gordy is scheduled to lose his "manhood" on May 18th. It's an outpatient procedure....I

drop him off in the AM and pick him up around 4PM. Edna

Runa has topped off weight at 14.3. She'll dip down close to 14.0 during the summer.
Looking forward to news from your world of puppies.  V

Gretel is doing great! She is now 7 lbs. She is getting to be such a good doggie.

She is potty trained, and is settling down nicely. She follows me all around the house.

We went to Nashville for a family party and mini vacation. She stayed with my sister in

law who has a multipoo (spelling?) Maltese and poodle mixed. They had a ball!

Fenced in yard to play together. I was really surprised, she learned much from him.

Glad to have her home!!  Gretel loves her carrots. I give her one small piece every day.

I gave her a raw red skinned potato to chew on. she loved it, but I was afraid to let her eat

the entire potato because I didn't know if it was a good idea.  The vet recommended

October for her spaying. I am apprehensive about that. Don't want anything to happen to her.

 I know it is done everyday. We love her!! Thanks for breeding such a beautiful puppy!!

Cathy:  Ed & I happened to look at your website today and saw that you are expecting times three! Congratulations.

Wanted to send you a few pictures of Sydney and let you know how well she is doing. he first picture is from the day we

brought her home(July 28) and the last two are from August 18. It's amazing how much she has grown already. As expected,

 Sydney is wowing family and friends with her looks and sassy personality. She's doing very well learning basic commands and

is almost completely housebroken. As with most puppies, Sydney loves to chew all things and we are working on minimizing her

 love of human skin and pant legs! Even though our house looks like a hurricane came through it with all Sydney's toys strewn about,

 Ed & I couldn't be happier with our new addition!  Dawn

Well come on, I can't wait forever                        I think I'm going to like my new door                               

           I think I saw a rabbit                                      Of course I can stand up for my supper
Just a note to let you know how Jilly Bean is doing. She was been busy last month, going to her groomer

and to the vet to have her teeth cleaned to get the tartar off, then taking antibiotics for 10 days

in case she swallowed any thing. She came thru fine with no after effects. She is still on the Nutro Ultra

 1/4 cup twice a day, one Nuvet vitamin and of course her carrot treat in the evening. She weighs

11.8 lbs which seems to be about right for her. We go for long walks back to the creek and the pine

 woods twice a day which she really loves and lets me know when she wants to go in case I forget. She

is still very shy around strangers and is basically a one person dog, she is slowly making up to my wife

but for the most part she sticks to me like glue. Put a new storm door with a doggy door in it leading

to the fenced part of our yard so she can come and go on her own but so far she is too shy to push it open

when it is down all the way so I have it almost down and she goes in and out fine. Hopefully by the

time the weather gets much colder she will use it with the flap clear down. Of course she is totally spoiled

by now, but why not, she is a sweetheart.Regards...John

Hi Cathy:  I haven't sent you a picture of my baby and he is over a year old now!  I can not

begin to tell you what a joy "Jackson" is to me.  I am sending you a picture of his picture with Santa. 

 Santa might bring him a bag of coal, because I told on him on a few bad things he has done.  I think he

may take after his Dad "J.J."...but that's ok, I have more than made up for anything Santa may bring with

 lots of toys and treats! I hope you, your family and your precious puppies have a wonderful Christmas! 

 Come see us in South Carolina!  Love, Lynn and Jackson Clyburn
































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