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Hi Cathy this is Lexi I am the one who bought Danica. I thought you might want

some pictures of Danica they are not the best but they are good. The other dog with her

is Emma our other dog they get along GREAT hope you enjoy the pictures Lexi

         Gracie Chilling out.                                    Pondering.                                       Sleepy

Cathy,  Sorry that it took so long to send you some pictures.  Little Lou is darling.  He is a little bad too!! My son accidentally left his cell on

the floor.  LOL  Of course, it does not work anymore.  Elbe is doing much better with Little Lou We just love him.  Thank you for the coupons.  T.


I am so sorry it's taken me this long to send you pics of Emma, especially with the adorable sweater you made for her!  It was so kind

of you to take the time to knit that sweater for her - it was so cute on her!  I have also included other photos taken of her over the past

3 months.  She's growing so fast, and changing by the day.  She learned to 'sit' the first week she was here, so she has that command

mastered.  We haven't yet mastered 'come' but we're making progress on 'down'.  She will be getting her third and final round of shots

on Monday, so we are so excited to be finished with the shots so we can take her on walks.  Her first round went really well - she didn't

get nauseous or anything.  The second round, she threw up a little bit but was in good spirits the whole time and was playing when it happened. 

I just put her in her crate afterwards and she was fine a little later in the evening.  She always sleeps every night in her crate.  I think she really

loves it, and always seems ready to go to her place every night.  We've been walking her on a leash around the backyard.  As we have about

20 inches of snow on the ground right now, Erik had to shovel some paths for her to walk in!  It looks kind of funny, us walking her in a circle

in the snow with the leash in the backyard! :)  But she is learning how to walk on it, and I'm sure there will be plenty more to learn once we get

out on the sidewalks and streets.  She has met 4 dogs already - 3 at Thanksgiving and one of our neighbor's dogs.  She does so well with them -

very polite and curious.  I think she really enjoyed hanging out with Erik's parent's mini. dachsund, who managed to put up with an energetic puppy

even though she's getting up there in age.  Everyone who's met Emma loves her - she's so fun, playful, and sweet.  We are always trying to keep her

from nipping, as she seems to see everyone's hands as possible toys.  I am hoping she grows out of this, as most of the time when we pet her she

will try to nip our hands.  We've found using the spray bottle has worked really well!  She will stop immediately when she hears it, and then she'll 

act absolutely offended that she got sprayed!  She will go lay down and pout - it's pretty funny!  She loves the long pink toy in the picture, and

really loves her bully stick for chewing.  We like to play fetch with the tennis ball, too.  We don't give her any treats but her own food, and only

when we're teaching her a new trick or she's doing really well at something.  She loves bathtime too (probably because she gets some "treats"

while she's in there)!  She also loves the snow.  We have a hard time getting her back inside when she goes out because she's always rolling

around and burying her snout in the snow!  Emma has been such a joy, and brought so much love and fun into our home.  Thanks again for breeding

such a beautiful dog.  We get compliments on her beauty and temperament all the time.  We are truly blessed to have found you.  Thanks again for

all your hard work - we really appreciate it!  Erik and Erica P.S. Thank you for sending us the coupon for Emma's food puppy care package. 

This is one of the many pictures of baby Gaston

(like from Beauty and the Beast). He is amazing little

boy and he's already learned how to sit and is pretty

advanced in potty training for a 9 week old  puppy!

Everyone loves him and says he's the most beautiful baby

they've ever seen. (: Thank you so much!

Hi Cathy, Just wanted to write and give you an update on Harlee. She is a wonderful addition

to our family. She had her first Vet visit this morning and weighed 3 pounds and 2 ounces, he said

she is the picture of health and to keep doing what we're doing. She got her first vaccine, he called

it the "4-way", he said he doesn't give the other 2 to puppies this little yet. (I gave him your note)

She's an absolute joy and we love her. Thanks for all your tips, we'll be in touch soon. Sincerely, Lori

Hi Cathy,
    I hope this note finds you and your family doing well. It seems that this summer is flying by, and
it's amazing to realize that it's already been two months since we met and we brought Chango home. 
Well, I'm pleased to report that he is doing phenomenally well. He's had his series of shots (3), and
we're going to give him a fourth since he started so young. He's scheduled for his rabies and neutering
also in 4 weeks. We found an excellent veterinarian  locally, and the whole clinic has fallen in love with
Chango! He's a big hit from the moment we arrive!  Last week, Gina, Justin and I, along with Chango
(of course), visited Chicago, staying at the Westin Northwest. The hotel not only welcomed Chango,
but they proceeded to spoil him daily, as you can tell from the room photo. He had his first grooming
since leaving your home this past week, and he is definitely one handsome boy! His personality is
wonderful, a combination of intense curiosityfor all things and a little bit mischievous, but in a cute way.
He loves to play and is coming along well with his housetraining, starting to wean from piddle pads to going
outdoors several times a day. We live 3 flights of stairs up, and he tackles the stairs without any hesitation
nor fear now. His intelligence is very obvious, as he's a quick-learner for commands, and, of course, he thrives
on pleasing us. In all, he's an absolute joy and we couldn't be more pleased with him.  We just wanted to give
you an update and let you know that we are very happy with Chango. I promise to keep you informed on his
further progress and send you pics as our photo collection grows.  All the best to you and your family,
Tony, Gina, Justin and Chango!


Hi there, Cathy.  I’m glad that you and Lisa (the wonderful person from Ozzie and Bailee’s vet)

were able to hook up and chat regarding available litters.  Please see below a picture of

Ozzie taken several weeks ago.  His face and looks change so much as he grows….he gets

groomed later this week, so we’ll need to send you another updated photo!  He and Bailee are

two peas in a pod – they love each other so much…..

and he fits into our family perfectly!Thanks so much!  Shane

Hi Cathy,

Just wanted to send you a picture of Molly's latest past time.

She loves playing in Madison's slip and slide. What a comedian!

I hope all is well with you. I see you have new puppies.........and

expecting another litter. I will be in touch, Judy and Molly


                                                   This is a cat not a pillow.


                                                Haley                                                                             Sailor


                  Cats and Dogs do get along                                                      Haley and Sailor best buds.

This you have to watch Sailor (the Miniature Schnauzer) give Buzz (the cat) a kiss.


Hi Cathy...

Just thought I'd drop you a quick line to give you an update on Stewart.  Can't tell you how many times 

I still go to your website to look at his pic.  Can't believe you've kept it on for so long, but want you to

 know that Im glad you did and that I sure do enjoy going there to look at it.  He's my boy!  I adore him! 

He is the sweetest little guy you could ever imagine.  He still has a spirited side to him but he has become

very obedient and is always eager to please.  Our granddaughter truly thinks that he is "her dog" only. 

 I could not have asked for a better companion for Bailey.  They could not get along any better than they

do and even though there were times in the beginning that I really questioned getting another dog, it is now

quite evident that it was the perfect choice, as well as the perfect match.  He has brought so much happiness

to our lives!  I have pictures that I will eventually get to you, either through e-mail or snail mail.  I just haven't

been real good at downloading them to my computer.  He is still small, at least in comparison to Bailey - probably

around 15 lbs.  Kept him on the Nutro (changed Bailey to it as well) and it agrees w/ both dogs.  Pricey, but well worth it. 

They've been healthy. Hope all is well with you and yours.  I see that you're expecting quite a bundle very soon -

what fun that will be!  Good luck with them all!  Becky


So here are a few new pictures of the best dogs ever.  I hope you like them.  We are now just waiting for our

next all black female puppy. Thanks again for great dogs. Kelly



I had to share these pics with you,,,  One of my employees stays at the house with the dogs the rare times

we have gone away.  She always teases that Kirby has selective hearing,,, and only does what SHE wants,,,   

and Hoovers most recent accomplishment... was he caught a squirrel...  He started with a mouse  then got

a rabbit,  and two weeks ago,,, progressed!  Unfortunately, the critters do not survive!  but back to the pics...

so my employee Desiree, saw these shirts and had to buy them!~   I don't think i will be able to get them to

ever wear them but they posed beautifully for pics!  Hope all is well for you.. Bon


I recently took these pictures of my grandson Todd holding Baxter, and Holly.  He loves on them all the time, and plays with them

when  I'm not they are never in need of attention and that is a fact.  They rule the house for sure, but then we let them. Holly is so cute,

she will come up to me in the morning while we are asleep and she wakes me up by laying her little head on my face she is such a little

sweetheart I could never find another one like her, she so gentle.  Baxter lays his head on my face wanting me to give him kisses which

is what I do that is why he does it he likes his affection as well.  I could go on and on how loving and sweet they are and very obedient also.

I will quit rambling.  Oh when I walk them in Indian Trails Park the people there just love them and ask who the breeder is,  and so I have

given your name out alot.  Take care and hope your doing well.  Gloria


Hi Cathy, I've attached a photo of Cooper from Ashland and Cooper's March 2008 litter.  The picture was taken January of 2009. 

As you can see he grew into a handsome boy.  He visits the groomers about once a month and does a fantastic job.  I thought you

would like to know that he has visited two different groomers over the past year and every time I'm complimented on Cooper's breed

 characteristics and temperament.  I've been told on several occasions from people that are very familiar with the Schnauzer breed

that it is obvious  Cooper comes from sound bloodlines and that it is refreshing to find a Schnauzer that represents the breed so well.

  Even though he is almost 1 year old, Cooper is definitely a little kid at heart.  He has such a personality and loves to talk.  In fact, if he

doesn't have your full attention, he isn't afraid to let you know!  I'm just waiting for the grumbling and Schnauzer talk to turn into actual

words one of these days... I really do think he is trying to talk!  His favorite game is fetch.  Especially in the evening.  He will go to his

 basket of toys, spend about ten minutes taking everything out and arranging them in the middle of the living room floor.  Then, when he

 finds the on that looks just right, watch out... it's time to play! He does however, know when it is time to settle down for the night.  For months

 he slept in his crate in the bedroom.  And, although many say it is not a good idea, he has made his way to the bed.  We do still use his crate

 anytime he is home alone, and he actually would rather stay in the crate than be left to roam the house.  He feels very safe and secure inside

 the crate when he is by himself. I noticed that Ashland has gone to a new home.  Do you mind my asking why she left?  Let me know what

you think of the picture.  We are very happy with the way Cooper has grown and turned into an outstanding part of the family.  Oh, and let me

know how you think his ears turned out.  I think Dr. Norris did a great job.  It was definitely worth the extra money and 3 hour drive to have

 the procedure done properly.  Chad

Hi Cathy...
Just wanted to let you know things are going well with Archie!  He is such a sweat lil man. I LOVE him to pieces.  

Although no dog could never replace my Chloe....he has surely helped mend my broken heart.  I can't imagine my

life without him.  He is a good boy..Loves to eat....a real piggy...doing well with potty training (doesn't get up at all

during the night!)  and he gets along well with my 7 yr old schnauzer..Dori.  He even let me trim his toenails.. I think

I may have to retire from my job since I hate to leave them!!!  Thanks again and I will keep you posted on his progress!!!!

~Sue Mark and All


Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how Herbie was doing. WOW, he is wonderful.

He just got his rabies shot this past weekend, so now he is a "real" dog with the city. LOL. The

vet just loves him. He weighs in at a whopping, 9lbs. No problems at all. He is very laid back, la de da,

and loves to sleep on my pillow next to my head. He has been coming to work with me and all the patients

just adore him. He can entertain himself or just sit in my lap while I work on the computer at work. The doctor

wants to kidnap him from me. As you can see he is very handsome. Thanks so much for the gift you gave me.

I certainly appreciate it.  Mike St. Louis



Hi Cathy---
It's been a while since I've sent you a picture.  I have a new grandson and this is Snickers after she got the ball and brought it to him. 

Think she wanted him to run and play like my granddaughter, Maggie does---it was too cute!! Snickers continues to be the

"BEST"---love, love, love her!!! Have a great day!  Nancy


  Schnauzers are kid friendly and make great family pets.  Maggie and Snickers are growing up together.




Cathy,  Harvey and I are so happy that Baxter came into our lives. He had the last of his shots last week.

He now weighs 6 lbs. 6 ozs. – such a big boy! We plan to enroll him in puppy classes now that his shots

are completed, and I took him yesterday to be groomed. My groomer said he was very good and didn’t give

her any trouble. He really doesn’t mind a bath too much, and actually seems to enjoy having his feet rubbed.

Baxter is such a joy to play with and to just watch. Everyday he learns something new. He and Jack have

become best buddies. They have a play fest ever morning and every night. They roll and tumble, chase each other,

tugs on their toys together, etc. Baxter loves to aggravate Jack just like any little brother does. I think Jack is his

favorite toy. He tugs on Jack’s moustache, bites his legs and nibbles his ears. Jack for the most part just lets him play,

but he will let Baxter know when he’s had enough. I’ve included a few pictures. My mother and I took Baxter to a local

nursery hoping to get a picture of him in the fall flowers. He wasn’t too cooperative, but we did manage to get a couple.

This nursery arranges sites on their property for picture-taking. They will have several places arranged for Christmas pictures,

so hopefully we’ll be more successful with those. Brenda

    David and Michelle's little Chance. 


Olivia (Ollie) for short.                                               Ollie wants to go for a walk, maybe?

Just had to share with your WHAT a hard day it is for Mss Kirby when she goes to work at Dyed to Match

each day!!!!  Mr. Hoover sits on the chair sprawled on my lap sleeping while I work on the computer!  

Hi Cathy, Just wanted you to see Spencer now that he's 2 1/3 2 yearsold.  I was painting our deck when

my husband snapped these pics of him.  He's still our pride and joy and brings us so much happiness each day. 

Many thanks again for bringing Spencer into our live!  Trudi & Sean Cambridge, OH


Hi Cathy,
Snickers is having her birthday tomorrow, so thought I'd send you a picture and again tell you what a nice dog she is. 

I am so happy I got her and she continues to have the most pleasant disposition, and I'm sure that's all in the breeding. 

Thanks again for everything. Nancy

Hi Cathy:  I hope you are doing well and not having trouble with your back.  I wanted to let you

know that Baylie is the Super Star of this house and for that matter every where she goes.  She

has a very sweet disposition but sometimes think she is a Herding Dog as she tries to move the

other dogs around our  yard.  She is still quite small about 7 pounds.  What do you suggest I do

to get her to eat.  She does not seem very interested in her Nutro – the brand and type you started

her on.  Do you think I should be concerned?  She has finished all of her shots and vet checks for

the time being.  What would be the best time to spay?  I have attached a picture taken today for

you to see.  Miss Hattie will be delivering in October the same week I will be in Ohio to tour Amish County. 

Her puppies I am sure will be gorgeous.  Who is the father of Hattie’s puppies?  I am certainly happy that

I found you and your wonderful schnauzers.   Maybe someday I will have a another or perhaps one of

 your retired ones.!!  Take care, Anne

Sevin is growing like a weed now and is doing very good with the puppy training.

He knows how to sit, come and we're working on stay.  The Vet told us he is a very smart good dog.

Cathy I just wanted to give you a update on Sevin  . He is doing great he loves the new house with all

the room it has to run around in. We are having a invisible fence put him for him to play out side.

Rachel and I are very surprised how smart he is he now goes to the back door and gives us a look and barks

his new thing is when the water dish is low he will go over to the sink and bark at us. 

I'm sending you pictures of my darling Haley, I just love her. She is so smart, she is 3 months old and already knows

to go to the front door to go potty. She also walks so proud on a leash, it is almost like she went to puppy school. I think

she would out smart a trainer. And she sits pretty for her mini carrot treat. I think Schnauzers are the smartest dogs.

If you put time in with them they are the best dogs. But of course alot of it has to do with the breeding.

Thank you so much for caring so much about your dogs and the breeding, it really shows how much you care.

I almost forgot, Haley now weighs 4lbs, and she is just beautiful. My vet just fell in love with her. Thanks again for Haley.

I love her....Robin.


Hoover looking for a squirrel....where else but up a tree.


Baxter and Holly going for a ride.

Isn't Vanessa precious?

Hi Cathy, My pup is doing well.  Her name is Vanessa. 

She was spayed last week and is recovering well. 

Puppy training is going well by Scott Weston "Woof to Woof".

She is a beautiful and sweet pup. - Vicki

There is nothing like a fuzzy little S/P puppy.                      Dixie .......still the sweetheart.

Jinx with teddy.

Hello Cathy,
Thought you would like to see a current picture of Heidi engaged in her favorite pastime -

bugging the cats as they look out the window. It is one of Heidi's favorite things to do. 

She also likes to watch the hummingbirds at our hummingbird feeder.  Since she is out-numbered

by cats in the household (3 to 1), she feels that she needs to involve herself in everything they do!

Take care, E.

                        Nancy's little girl.                              Baylee lives with the Weavers in Virginia. 


Mozart was a surprise B-Day gift for Vanessa.            Tracee's  little girl....Vega Marie lives in Ohio 

Jody's little girl....Sweet Amazing Grace (Mazey)


Max is a wonderful addition to our lives.  No matter how much work he has been, it has been worth every minute.  He currently weighs 20lbs, and is a very solid sturdy 20lbs :). 

Potty training was very easy with him.  We did paper training until he had all of his shots at his 10 week vet visit.  Once we started taking him outside he caught on very quickly. 

We gave him training treats every time he went outside.  As soon as he started going outside he never had a #2 accident.  Any #1 accident he had was usually our fault because we

waited to long to take him out.  But we are going on a good 4 months with no accidents.  At the time it was a lot of work, but looking bad he did really well with it.

We also had him enrolled in a puppy training class in which he finished being the valedictorian... funny I know but he just caught on really quick and was always used as the example in the class. 

We still work on things with him, but he is very good at:  sit, paw, down, stay, leave it, and heal.  He loves to play with other dogs and is the local celebrity in our neighborhood everybody loves and knows Max. 

He also loves to play with his toys, and look out our windows, especially during rush hour because there are a lot of people walking around and cars. 

When he was younger he never wanted to sit by us on the couch, he always wanted his own space, but now he wants to be close to us all the time. 

Hope all is well with you!   B


Jack and Michelle's salt/pepper girl, Sidney.          Jack and Michelle's black/silver girl, Sasha.

Dixie                                                                         This is Milli who lives with Neelay. 

This is (Sasha) Jack and Michelle's little sweetheart.

Fr. Ron.....enjoying retirement with Moxey and Lizzy.                Fr. Ron and friends.



Gracie, Emma and Mike.                                       Schnauzers are family friendly dogs.


I attached a pic of Smokey and me from last month.  She is still a

tiny little thing, about 7 pounds.  She is so smart!  She has already

learned how to shake hands!  I can’t get over how much she looks like Maggie

with her haircut!  I keep trying to talk Jay (my boyfriend) into getting a playmate

for her, he agrees, but tells me we will have to wait at least until next spring!  

When I picked her up from the groomer this past weekend, they told me she did great

and was so well-behaved!  She has such a sweet temperament and does well with the

neighbor’s dogs (3 golden retrievers) and our friend’s Corgi puppy.   Lately, she is really

into laundry!  She runs into the laundry room and takes socks out of the laundry basket

one by one until she has created her own pile in the living room. I hope you are all doing well. 

I will send more pics of Smokey when I receive them.  Take care and good luck with all of the pups!  K.


Don't you feel sorry for the puppy he leads such a tough life. Susan


First, Happy Holidays!!!  And second, Snickers continues to be the BEST dog ever!!  Here's her

Xmas shot and one of her and my grandson.  They are the best of friends, just like she and the

granddaughter were!!  I did not pose this shot---Snickers just loves Hudson!!

Hi Cathy!
We got home safe and sound with our two new little girls and can't believe how beautiful, sweet, and

playful they are! Our house feels like a "home" again! The antics of those two have us constantly in stitches -

they wrestle so much we've had to give them both "time outs" to just rest!!! hahahaha. The potty training is

going well - newspapers inside and running outdoors when they first get up from naps. Sophie, our dark

salt&pepper is so attached to Bella (our little black one). She absolutely has to sleep cuddled up to her,

or on top of her - I don't think Bella (the smaller of the two) is that thrilled with being used as a pillow,

but she tolerates it. They have already had their professional photos taken by a close friend of ours

(I'll attach 2 of them). Thank you for the joy you have made possible in our lives by providing us with

two little ones to love and cherish. It was great to meet you, and we will keep you posted on their milestones

as they grow up! Thanks again. Lenore & Curt, too!

I couldn't resist taking this picture.  Mike being welcomed home.



First, Happy Holidays!!!  And second, Snickers continues to be the BEST dog ever!!  Here's her

Xmas shot and one of her and my grandson.  They are the best of friends, just like she and the

granddaughter were!!  I did not pose this shot---Snickers just loves Hudson!!