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       Our Dams                                                                      

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 Salt/Pepper: Lil Pat   Dark Salt/Pepper: Lil Alice              BFF'S

  Lil Pat is a sweetheart.  Tries hard to please     Alice is my baby.  So gentle and easy going.



                         Black Dam: Candy Cane

                                   Candy Cane is playful and loves to be held.

       Retired Dams      

          Who have a special place in our hearts.

Georgie Girl.......never forgotten.

miniature Schnauzer


Georgie Girl, Salt/Pepper Girl with her natural floppy ears, very playful and loved teasing the rest of our dogs.

This is Toots daughter of J.J. and Georgie. 

Toots is Salt/Pepper and has cropped ears. She comes from very healthy champion lines. 

Female Salt/PepperMiniature Schnauzer FemaleMiniature Schnauzer

schnauzer breederSchnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer puppies        


Cookie, Coco and Cinders and Betty retired young.  We placed them in loving homes.  Coco and Cinders were from the same litter.

Small film of Coco:

Bitzy lived here until she was four.  I called her my little show off.  very playful, smart and got along with everyone here.

Female salt/pepperSalt/Pepper female Salt/Pepper Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer puppies 


Penny melts my heart.  She is my champion.  Very square in build with a soft silky coat.

Very playful.  She went to a pet home very young.  I still miss her.  Gigi went to live with Keith & Anna.

Schnauzer Black AKC pet  Black schnauzer breeder

AKC Miniature Schnauzer breeder   AKC champion lines  schnauzer

 CH. Sired Salt/Pepper: Dina         Ch. Sired Salt/Pepper: Glory              CH. Sired Black/Silver: Vickie

These girls (retired and in pet homes) came to me from a wonderful show breeder in New York. 

They are so sweet and cooperative. Nothing like good breeding!

Layla our little ornery Salt/Pepper girl who was retired young and now lives in Tennessee. 

Salt/Pepper Female Schnauzer    Salt/Pepper female Miniature Schnauzer

Layla..........very sweet and playful.

 salt pepper puppies  adopt puppies

Layla is a happy girl and always smiling.  Her BFF was Hanna.

Bea, daughter of Maxi and J.J. went to a loving pet home.

This little Lady with the floppy ears loves to play......and teasing Landry is her favorite thing to do. 

She looks Black/Silver in color but is really a dark Salt/Pepper. 

Bea's square in build, nice tail set, has a very thick coat and loves to cuddle as all our dogs.

schnauzer breeder       miniature schnauzer breeder       adopt a pet

Hanna retired at a young age.  We don't breed females that have a rough time when whelping.

schnauzer schnauzer minis

mini schnauzerschnauzer adoption pet


Tatum and Susie were born here. They couldn't have been more playful or sweet. 

Peggy Sue....sweet and just a little girl.

petscanine puppies

     Our Black Champion sired Dam: Peggy Sue.                                                 

black schnauzer schnauzer



small schnauzerAKC schnauzer

                            Boo                                            Bella

Hi Cathy and Mike,  I cannot begin to thank you enough for these two wonderful children! 

We couldn’t imagine our lives without them.  Bella and Boo made a trip to Petco with us for better

fitting harnesses the other day.  They were absolute Rock Stars!  Everyone there fell in love with them. 

Everyone thought they were puppies and were shocked when they found out their real ages.  This was their

first ride in their car seat.  They must like it because as soon as they got into it they went to sleep until the car stopped.

They have a Garanimals pink leopard blanket that goes with them everywhere……that’s their comfort.  We took them

yesterday for their first Vet visit.  Once again they were Rock Stars.  All of the staff had to pet or play with them and

remarked over and over how sweet tempered they are.  They did bloodwork and booster shots.  The Vet said they couldn’t

possibly be any healthier.  The best part of it was that the girls really liked the Vet so they let her totally exam them without any

problem at all.  She even offered to keep them for us if we ever needed a sitter!  Bella still has some periods when she seems to

be grieving a little and she won’t eat or drink much.  The vet told us to give her a little yogurt and some steamed carrots to get the

fluids in her, but she isn’t having an problems from lack of fluids or food.  They have both learned that Cliff is a pretty good belly rubber,

and also pretty good with a brush and comb so they really like to be with him most.  I’m just the “go-tto” person when you’re hungry!

They love to go for walks with Cliff several times a day, so potty training is almost complete.  As you might gather from this, they are now

the center of our lives.  They have a wide assortment of Aunts and Uncles who have to come and check on them, so they never lack attention. 

I’ll try to get some pictures later today for you. Carol   P.S………the bed Cliff got for the two of them……well, Boo claimed it right away. 

As big as the bed is, she will lay on it like a frog stretched out in water, paws on the bolster edge, chin on the paws, and watches Dog

Whisperer with us……..growling if the tv dogs get loud!  Bella has another bed on order now. 



Miss Mini: our very first.   Salt/Pepper Miniature Schnauzer female. 

Mini was a devoted  family member and a great little mother.  Miss Mini loved all

the activity that went on and enjoyed playing with our grandkids.  She was an excellent

mama and never got upset with her puppies, even when they were old enough to be weaned

and run in all directions. She has always been loving and patient. 

E-mail from Mini:

Hi Mom & Dad,

Nice to hear from you.  I am  doing very well. You found a wonderful family for me to retire

with and if this is the golden years I am in for quite a life. First,  I am in love with Nicholas my new

families 16 year old son. I have claimed him as my new master and what a super choice!   

I get to sleep on his big comfy bed with my head on his pillow next to his every night.  

I sit on a chair next to him when it is meal time and I even get table treats.  I found I love

 cooked carrots and green beans.  We go for car rides and I see things I have never seen

before and I even had a bite or two of a McDonald's hamburger without the fixins'.  

My new family has a couple of cats and we have had our differences but we can play together now. 

I have claimed an overstuffed pillow on the couch and will sleep for hours curled up by the fireplace.  

The other two dogs, the Lab mix and the other mini schnauzer have accepted me with open paws. 

However, the loveseat gets a bit crowded with all three of us taking our siestas at the same time.     

My new daddy shares the established routine of my sibs whereby I get Milkbones every morning

before he leaves for work and I even have managed to sneak a few on my own.  My new daddy

calls me Baby and does not mind when I sneak those extra treats - he thinks it is cute to see me

clamoring in the box. Tell Daddy Michael thank you for the care package - it was a great way

to greet my new sibs. They thought it was great to have a new sib that shares so willingly but

you would have too if you would see my new brother who is over 100#!   I had an awesome

car ride home as I slept on my new Mommy's lap all the way home on a cuddly pillow.

There is a lot of snow here since yesterday so I have been playing in the snow - I love to run

through it at full speed but when I come indoors I feel like a walking snowball.  However, after I come

in and am dried with a big fluffy towel I am already for a nap. I have learned not to potty in the house

and am rewarded for my good behavior. This was a problem but I have overcome.  I have learned

that when I jump on Nicholas's lap and nuzzle his cheek he will take me outdoors.  He thinks it is funny that

I will dig in the snow and create quite the mini blizzard so we both enjoy being outside.

My new family has a huge secure second floor deck and they let me out to get a breath of fresh air,

play with a cat or two or just check out the neighborhood.  There are a lot of things to see

 including that squirrel in the pear tree that loves to taunt me.  Things are great here and while I do

think about you please know life is good.  I am supposed to be visiting the vet in a couple of weeks

for spaying but I do not know what that means. I did overhear my new mom saying it would only be an

overnight stay.  Maybe I misunderstood and I will be spending a night at a spa!  Anyway, tell everyone

I am doing fine and I do love my new family.  They clamor for me whenever I am not sleeping and my new

Dad calls me up on his lap a lot of times to snuggle - he has a very warm and soft belly. 

I have even heard them say there is not enough of me to share with everyone. You can email me anytime and

the reason I did not contact you before was I did not want you to be sad because my new family loves me,

 takes care of me, spoils me and above all makes sure I am safe and comfortable. Oh, Dad is calling me and

I hear the Milkbone box opening!  Ah, the Golden Years!  Yours Truly - Mini    

champion sired schnauzerAKC schnauzer

Our CH. Sired Black/Silver Dam: Maxie  This dog almost takes my breath away. 

Maxie is Black/Silver, champion sired and one of the most beautiful

female Miniature Schnauzers I have ever seen. Maxi is sweet natured,

square in body, has a short straight back, a great tail set and smart as a whip. 

Maxi's not only beautiful she is  sweet, playful. and outgoing.     Call 614 877-9808

schnauzer Maggie


Maggie Mae: Retired and here to the end. This little Black/Silver girl is the love of my life. 

Even though Maggie needs a bath, she's still  the cutest little schnauzer with the sweetest temperament. 

When I went to look at her for the first time, I left my pocketbook in the car.  But it only took one look to melt my heart. 

I ran as fast as I could to get my purse and I have never been sorry that I did.  

   schnauzer fancy     


                     Fancy loves to dress up.                                                                         And looks good in all her clothes.


schnauzer sadie


Lady Sadie: Now retired.  Sadie was a great mother always gentle with her puppies and humans.

Hi Cathy,
I just wanted to let you know that Sadie is doing wonderful!!! We love her so much. It was rocky the first few

days with my three year old and her. My three year old wanted to hug her too tight and Sadie didn't care for that.

With a little coaching on both parts they are now best buds. We have discovered that she loves to play in the water

and likes to ride on the boat. We took her to the lake last week and she ran around in the shallow part of the water.

( I wouldn't let her go too deep because it was cold. She got her feet wet.) She goes to different beds each night when

she sleeps. The first night here she slept with my 11 year old son.  She mostly sleeps with me, but she likes to sleep

with the kids too. Sadie gets along great with our boxer, Sweetie.  It was so cute, the other day we were outside playing

with the ball and frisby with Sweetie, and Sadie ran up to try and take the frisby from Sweetie. The rest of the time it was

a race between the two on who was going to get the toy first. Sweetie got to the toy every time first, but Sadie never gave up.

Sadie fits right in with us "like a glove". I couldn't have asked for a better companion. Thank you so much for Sadie. I always

tell her that she's my little princess and my little gift from God, and I think she understands me. When I tell her that she gets real

close to me. I could go on and on about her. I can't thank you enough for Sadie. God Bless you for raising such a wonderful

pet and companion. I have to buy her some bunny ears for Easter now. My Sweetie won't wear them maybe Sadie will. :) 

Happy Easter and God Bless you and your family. 

Love, The Bowman Family  

Miniature Schnauzer Rudee

Ruedee Jane:  Retired at age three.  What can we say about our Salt/Pepper girl Ruedee Jane? 

Well, we can't boast enough!  Ruedee's call name comes from her champion lines.  Ruedee's daddy is

Ruedesheim's Dream Chaser from Glojan Kennel.  Ruedee is much the little pest in our kennel. 

She loves to tease and play keep away when no one else wants to. This gets Ruedee into a lot of trouble. 

Ruedee is smart, playful and always eager to learn new things.  Ruedee Jane would love to compete in agility.


This was our little Trudi girl.    Suzie is retired and lives in Ohio.

Ashland's pedigree.    Ashland went to live Southern Ohio.  We miss her so much.

This is Lacie.  Lacie went to live in VA with Beth Weaver. 

Our Toy Black/Silver Dam: Jilly Bean is the daughter of Herbie and Maggie Mae. 

She is the spitting image of her Mother. Jilly is Black/Silver and looks like a puppy even

though she is full grown.   Of course, she has that same sweet temperament just like her mother. 

Jilly is here as our pet forever!


Jilly just didn't want to have her picture taken.                         Sniff, Sniff.  I think I need a bath.

She got a little PO'd when I groomed her.